Lots of learning (and fun) at Camp Bernie

So much has happened since school opened in September.  We’ve had incredible news to report:  a million dollar gift, the Agnes and Peter Steenland Memorial Chair for Professional Development, the accreditation on-site visit, a new worship video, and a huge investment in professional development. We breezed right by the fourth and fifth grade trip to […]

Why take urban children into nature?

Nature needs children and children need nature.   I don’t know where the quote originated, but it is an essential truth. Last week and this week, Lower School students have been adventuring on the Hudson Hike. I’ve written about why we go on field trips before, why it is a part of our mission to […]

Why field trips? A school on the move…

We are a school that travels.  From the school’s inception in 1979, our students have been taking trips nearly every month.  Within Hoboken. Into New York.  And, in the Upper School, overnight trips further away.  Trips are not optional. They are essential to fulfill our mission “to stimulate and broaden the experiences of city children.” […]