Play is the work of the young child at school.

Play is not only a source of delight for the young child, it is the basis for academic readiness. Preschool is the time for sharing stories, rhymes, and playing with language. For building with blocks and counting games. For running and singing. For asking questions–lots and lots of questions.

At our preschool, The Nest, we honor the questions of our students. We give them hundreds of languages to explore the answers and respond to what they are learning. Drawing. Movement. Painting. Sculpture. Collage. Shadow play. Drama. These are some of the many languages our students use to express their learning. And we don’t just give our students access to the art materials. We provide them with the skills that they need to use them as effective learning tools. The work that they produce is beautiful and meaningful.

Our curriculum is deeply influenced by the Reggio Emilia Approach from the Reggio Emilia region of Italy.

We call our preschool The Nest because it’s a safe and nurturing environment. Teachers focus on peace and teach students how to be a part of the community. Students learn how to care for, work, and play with others. Tensions and conflicts provide opportunities to learn the language of apologies and forgiveness. These are skills not just for school, but for life.

Finally, we integrate a life of faith into everything that we do. We want children to know that God loves them and is with them at all times and in all places. We hope that they will know and follow Jesus. Prayer, worship, Bible stories, celebrations, and service allow children many entry points into the life of faith.

When it is time for our students to fly out of The Nest, they are welcome in our kindergarten classes. Nest students are guaranteed a space in kindergarten.

Program offerings:

  • PK3
    Morning classes: two, three, or five mornings a week. (Tue/Thu; M/W/F; M-F)
  • PK4
    Morning classes: three or five mornings a week. (M/W/F; M-F)
    Full day class, five days a week.