Education can’t be compartmentalized.

At Mustard Seed School, learning isn’t purely intellectual. It’s physical, social, emotional and spiritual, too. A unique blend of strong academics, arts, faith and service. Hands-on and experiential. And it definitely isn’t confined to just a classroom.

Learning takes on several forms here. Sometimes it’s a teacher working with a group of students. Other times it’s two students paired together on a project. It can also take the form of a field trip that’s full integrated into classroom study.

This kind of flexibility enables our students to confidently respond to ideas – and express their own. There’s space to learn and grow. Curiosity is activated. Creativity is unleashed.

What’s especially unique about Mustard Seed’s educational philosophy is that it defies categorization. We don’t subscribe to a single discipline. Instead we’ve created something organic, incorporating the best practices from renowned movements like Constructivist Education, Progressive Education, Coalition of Essential Schools, Multiple Intelligences, Reggio Emilia, Christian Education and 12 Affirmations.

And at the end of the day, learning isn’t just something for the children. We’ve made professional development a priority for faculty and staff. They’re lifelong learners. And this inspires our children to become the same.