First Grade Curriculum Overview

Here is a summary of the science, social studies, and language arts themes for each term. As we progress throughout the year, the students’ own interests, experiences, and background knowledge will inform how each study progresses.

Fall Term: September-November: Sailing the Seas

Social Studies: Sea-going explorers, Maps, Navigation
Transportation: Boats
Science: Properties of Water, Bouyancy
Language Arts: Norse Mythology and Sagas, Biographies of explorers
Writing Genres: Personal Narrative Writing, Pattern Books

December Mini-term: Exploring the Poles

Social Studies: Polar Explorers
Transportation: Dog-sleds, Sleighs, Sleds, Moving across snow/ice
Science: The Water Cycle: Freezing, Melting, Evaporation
Language Arts: Journals of explorers, Christmas stories
Writing Genres: Personal Narrative Writing, Making Lists

Winter Term: Earth and Space Travel

Part 1: Earth:
Social Studies: The Civil Rights Movement, Moving on Land
Transportation: Cars, Trains, Buses, Covered Wagons, Bridges
Science: Simple Machines, Force, and Motion
Language Arts: Poetry, Songs, and Literature about Civil Rights
Writing Genres: Personal Narrative Writing

Part 2: Space:
Social Studies: Explorers of Space
Transportation: Rockets, Space Shuttles
Science: The Earth, The Moon, Planets, and Stars
Language Arts: Folktale Study
Writing Genres: Personal Narrative Writing, Letter-writing

Spring Term: Through the Air

Social Studies: Explorers in Aircraft
Transportation: Airplanes, Hot Air Balloons, and Other Flying Machines
Science: 1) The Science of Flight 2) Flying Creatures: Birds
Language Arts: Biography, Poetry
Writing Genres: Research/Non-fiction, Fictional writing, Poetry