Huge strides in literacy, mathematics, their understanding of the world and their place in it.

From the first day of kindergarten and throughout their time at Mustard Seed, students are encouraged to take responsibility for their learning and contribute to the school community. Every voice matters. Every child is celebrated. Every personality brings gifts to share.

And here’s what happens. The kindergarten student who struggles to identify letters becomes the third grade student who reads with fluency, who writes with confidence. Soon enough, learning to count develops into number sense. Facility in mathematical operations, measurement, probability, geometry, and statistics follow.

In the lower school, we’ve crafted year-long themes of study in social studies and science that align with a child’s developmental interests and strengths. For example, first grade students have a lot of enthusiasm and love to explore. We harness this excitement into a year-long study of explorers and discoverers. In the fall they learn about those who sailed the seas and discovered new lands. In the winter term they learn about civil rights and historic movements on land. In the spring they learn about flight and space.

And in The Studio (grades K-1) and Shared Space (grades 2-3) students work with artistic modalities like clay, paint, drama, and collage every day to deepen and express the learning that occurs in their classroom. All the while music, singing, daily worship, and a life of faith weave through the fabric of the week.

Classroom learning, the arts, and a life of faith are integrated in a cohesive, well-planned curriculum. It inspires students to become lifelong learners.

Even though we see it year after year, we marvel at the growth that occurs in each student. It never grows old.