A multi-faceted approach to learning.

At Mustard Seed, we apply six core values to our learning process.

Master academic skills

Our students are held to high standards in all the traditional subject areas. Language arts, math, social studies and science. They gain proficiency in each of these. But more importantly, they learn lifelong tools like how to ask questions, think critically and reflect.

Apply integrated, thematic learning

Mustard Seed incorporates integrated themes of study to help students go deeper. We call them central subjects. Often involving extended projects, these subjects are informed by the Reggio Emilia Approach, encouraging our students to take ownership of their learning.

Place music and art at the core

Can creative expression actually enable students to interpret and comment on the world around them? Can children be led to love great music simultaneously through vigorous listening exposure and musical instruction? Go to great lengths to ensure music and art are never add-ons, and the answer to both is an emphatic yes.

Go beyond the classroom

Throughout the year, Mustard Seed students go out into the world in their pursuit of lifelong learning. They explore both the urban and the natural. Architectural walks. Museum visits. Hiking trips. Outdoor educational programs. Even overnights at a farm.

Nurture social development

The social curriculum is the starting point for learning about the world and ourselves. And it can only be taught in community. Mustard Seed employs the Responsive Classroom Approach, which emphasizes social and emotional growth just as much as academic growth. Our students are taught how to thrive at Mustard Seed and in all the communities they’ll be a part of throughout their lives.

Engage in faith

All learning at Mustard Seed is rooted in the Christian faith. Our students are encouraged to explore this faith across various disciplines and through a multifaceted program involving daily worship, celebrations, prayer, service opportunities and Bible study. Mustard Seed relies on scripture to help children tackle themes like community, peace, joy, love and forgiveness.