Your generosity plus opportunity=success for ALL students.

Research is finally catching up with what we’ve known at Mustard Seed for over 40 years: socioeconomic diversity in a school has a positive impact on the academic success of all students. That’s why we commit to giving need-based financial aid awards to at least 50% of our students.

Why does this matter? Watch Jonathan’s story.


The Mustard Seed Fund: Annual Giving

The Mustard Seed Fund is at the heart of our yearly fundraising efforts. Your unrestricted contributions have a significant and immediate impact in the following areas:

  • Financial Aid – In 2018-19, we’ll award over $2.2 million in need-based financial aid. This is the cornerstone of our mission to serve students from all backgrounds. Contributions to the Mustard Seed Fund makes this possible.
  • Professional Development Opportunities for Faculty & Staff
  • Facilities Enhancement
  • Academic and extracurricular program support and development

Every gift, no matter the amount, touches the lives of students. Each year, our goal is for 100% of Mustard Seed family participation. We encourage families to contribute an amount that is appropriate to their circumstances. We also encourage alumni, faculty, staff, alumni parents, grandparents, and friends to make a gift.

Strategic Initiatives

Supporters who are passionate about a strategic initiative can choose to designate a gift. Recent gifts have funded

  • a new school security system.
  • the Upper School laptop program.
  • a new school information system.
  • capital improvements such as recent bathroom renovations.