Deepening faith and encouraging community.

Mustard Seed is an unabashedly Christian school. We are interdenominational; we welcome families from all denominations. At the same time, we welcome students of other faith backgrounds.


Every day we gather as a community for a time of worship. Every day we sing and hear the stories of the Christian faith in a way that is accessible to children. Every day a life of faith is woven into the school day. Through prayer. Through opportunities for service. Through celebrations. Through study of the Bible.

Teachers use scripture to explore themes of community, peace, joy, love, and forgiveness. We want students to know that God loves them. He understands them. And he is always with them. In times of joy. In times of struggle. We recognize that God has given to us a beautiful, flawed, world. And we, his beautiful, flawed people are its stewards. In our school life, by God’s grace, we aim for God’s ultimate vision of wholeness. Harmony. Restoration.

Worship is always open to families. Preschool and lower school (K-3) worship begin at 8:30 AM. Upper school worship begins at 2:30 PM. We follow the Liturgical Calendar. During Advent, the season leading up to Christmas, the lower school and the upper school often worship together. We sit around the Jesse Tree and retell the Old Testament stories that lead up to the birth of Jesus.