Josiah, Mustard Seed Class of ’11

Recipient of the Sheehan Scholarship at St. Peter’s Prep

“At Mustard Seed, we had ‘choose tos’ and ‘have tos,’” says Josiah, “These have definitely showed up in high school. You have to make a lot of choices. You learn by experience and lucky for me, I had that experience at MSS. I felt well prepared when I entered high school.”

Now Josiah balances his academics classes like Advanced Math, AP World History, AP English, AP Chemistry, and Latin, with a myriad of extracurricular activities.

It comes as no surprise that a former Mustard Seed student loves to sing. Josiah is a section leader for the baritone section of Vox, the choir at St. Peter’s. “For me, chorus makes the prep experience,” he says.

But that is not the only activity in which he is involved. He is an Ignatian Scholar, called upon to represent St. Peter’s at events. A member of the App Dev Club, he helped create the graphic design for an app that allows students to check their grades, bell times, schedules, and daily announcements. Josiah travels to Jersey City middle schools as a part of the Jersey City New Jersey Youth Alliance Team. He talks students about the high school preparation and application process. He works as a paid intern at the Newark Museum. And he loves to attend games and cheer on his friends and fellow students.

What does he miss about Mustard Seed School?

“I miss the closeness of my class. The teachers. Daily worship. And closing meeting. There was always something so wonderful about that end of the day meeting at Mustard Seed when we reflected on how the day went.”

With college on the horizon, Josiah has begun his search. “My dream job is an aeronautical engineer. I want to design airplanes and unmanned aerial vehicles.”