Video slideshow: What did we learn in the 2017-18 school year?

It’s been an incredible year of learning. Watch this short video and see just a few of the many field trips, areas of study, collaborations, and friendships that happened this year. Thank you for being an important part of the Mustard Seed community! Have a wonderful summer.    

Mini-term: a time to delight and try something new (or teach!)

    Ask any middle school student to name a highlight of the school year and you’re sure to hear two words: mini term. During the weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas, the “regular” school schedule shifts to allow for special course offerings two hours a day. Faculty and staff, parents, and community members offer courses […]

Don’t Get Washed Away: Sustainability is the New Superpower

During the mini term, a group of fifth through seventh grade students met with Ms. McCallihan and me (Ms. Sytsma) to explore the issue of flooding in Hoboken and the surrounding area. Two years have passed since Superstorm Sandy left 20,000 Hoboken residents stranded in a flood.  Students shared their own memories from the storm […]