Video slideshow: What did we learn in the 2017-18 school year?

It’s been an incredible year of learning. Watch this short video and see just a few of the many field trips, areas of study, collaborations, and friendships that happened this year. Thank you for being an important part of the Mustard Seed community! Have a wonderful summer.    

$250,000 gift from entrepreneur Coleman Fung establishes new endowed chair

I am overjoyed to announce that Mustard Seed has received a gift of $250,000 from entrepreneur and philanthropist Coleman Fung. The gift will establish and fund the Coleman Fung Chair for Creativity and Design. The endowed chair will provide an annual budget to further develop the school curriculum in areas that promote creativity, problem-solving, and innovation. This is the […]

Provoking curiosity: a teacher’s job

As always, this week contained many moments of powerful engagement. It provoked my own thoughts as well. Just yesterday, fourth and fifth grade students joined eighth graders, who were working to make complex mathematical processes understandable.  How exactly do you write and solve a problem that involves multiple operations?  How and why should I understand […]

Don’t Get Washed Away: Sustainability is the New Superpower

During the mini term, a group of fifth through seventh grade students met with Ms. McCallihan and me (Ms. Sytsma) to explore the issue of flooding in Hoboken and the surrounding area. Two years have passed since Superstorm Sandy left 20,000 Hoboken residents stranded in a flood.  Students shared their own memories from the storm […]

MSS in Indianapolis, Richmond, Trenton, and Jersey City

The fall has afforded several opportunities for teachers and students to share the good work that has been happening at Mustard Seed School with other educators around the United States. Celebrate with me! at conferences In October Mustard Seed teachers Emily Sytsma (preschool), Clara Buckley (preschool and Upper School art), and Melissa McCallihan (4/5) participated […]

Early childhood: observational drawing as a science tool

If you stopped by the Liberty Science Center on October 27, you could have visited MSS teachers Emily Sytsma (Lead Preschool Teacher) and Clara Buckley (Lead Preschool Teacher, Upper School Art). They participated in a poster session at the New Jersey Association of Independent School (NJAIS) conference. Their presentation was called Drawing on Science: Observational Drawing […]

New MSS video goes live on the website

Last spring we charged filmmaker Ed Holt with the task of capturing Mustard Seed in a three to four minute video.  No small task!  Ed was up to the challenge. After hours and hours of work, he created this: The filming took place over the course of a couple of months. Ed popped in and […]

A moment of nerves, then a science exhibition

Do you remember the first time that you stood in front of a group of people and gave a presentation? Did you feel excited? Prepared? Nervous? All of the above? Seventh and eighth grade students present eight academic exhibitions over the course of two years as a part of their graduation requirement. After weeks of […]

MSS Teachers Present at National Science Teachers Conference

If you are in Boston tomorrow, April 4, you can catch MSS teachers Melissa McCallihan (fourth grade) and Clara Buckley (Upper School art) at the National Science Teachers Association Conference in Boston.  They will be presenting Full STEAM Ahead!  The conference website says, “Find out how three teachers (4th, 5th, and Art) implement a multi-age STEM […]