Looking for a school? Consider these guiding questions.

Children vary in personality and in learning style. Different schools will be right for different children. At Mustard Seed, we invite you to ask these and any other questions that you have.


  • What does the school emphasize?
  • What high schools and colleges do the graduates attend?
  • What is the teaching style?

Day-to-Day Life At School

  • What will the day be like for the children?
  • How will each child feel like he or she is valued as a part of a community?
  • What kinds of opportunities are there for service in the school, the community, and the world?
  • How is my child’s faith nurtured?

Faculty and Staff

  • How do teachers come to know their students?
  • What support structures are in place for the staff?
  • What professional development is offered to the teachers?


  • What diversity is present in the school?
  • How do students work through conflict?


  • How are parents involved in the life of the school?
  • How do parents and teachers communicate?


  • What is the school’s mission statement?
  • What are the goals of the school?

Things to Consider

  • What am I looking for in a school?
  • In what environment would my child thrive?
  • What are my child’s gifts?
  • Where does my child need to grow?
  • What were some significant experiences in my own education? Why?

Things to Observe


  • Environment reveals the values of the school.
  • Do displays reflect the work of the students? How?
  • Are the classrooms warm and inviting?
  • How does it feel to visit?
  • Can I envision my child learning in this place and thriving in this community?

Day-to-Day School Life

  • How are the arts a part of the curriculum?
  • Is there a rhythm that anchors the day to give students a sense of safety and predictability?
  • Is there a sense of wonder and expectation?
  • Do the students have opportunities to work together and collaborate on projects?

Teachers and Students

  • How do students respond to faculty and staff?
  • How well do teachers know their students?
  • How do the students interact? How do they speak to one another?
  • Are students invested in their learning? How can you tell?
  • Did you meet any students? If so, what insights did they offer?