Can a curriculum infused with faith and art honestly and positively impact the lives of a diverse student body?

This was one of the questions documentary filmmaker and Calvin College professor Brian Fuller set out to answer. Over a three-week period in January 2010, Fuller and a film crew captured Mustard Seed students and teachers in action. The end result? A documentary called A Shared Space: Learning from the Mustard Seed School and a series of 10 two-to-three minute webisodes. Collectively they capture the essence of Mustard Seed’s education model. And for added measure, the film went on to capture two Bronze Telly Awards as well.

Currently the film and webisodes are used as a teaching tool in education programs around the world. The film is available for purchase at and a free study guide can be found on the Kuyers Institute website.

The project was funded by the Kuyers Institute for Christian Teaching and Learning and the Battaglia Family with support from the Calvin College Alumni Association.