Video! The Cassadayho family: How an answer to prayer brought them to Mustard Seed

When the time came for Shannon and Calvin Cassadayho to send their son, London, to kindergarten, they did their research. Lots of it. An educator in the New York City public schools, Shannon had very clear ideas about the learning environment that she and Calvin wanted for their family. One school rose to the top of the list: Mustard Seed School.

The holistic approach of the school appealed to Shannon and Calvin, especially the way that faith is woven into daily life. But also the emphasis on social justice and serving others. The strong academic and arts program.

In order for London to attend MSS, however, there were two major hurdles to overcome. First, Shannon and Calvin lived in Queens, NY, and the school is located in another state, across two rivers, in Hoboken, NJ. Second, they simply could not afford the tuition. Undaunted, they asked friends to join them in prayer, and they applied for need-based financial aid. They calculated what they could afford in tuition, and they prayed that God would provide. A sense of peace came over them.

When they received the email from the Financial Aid Committee, they were stunned to read that their financial aid award was 1.5% OVER the amount that they prayed for. They signed the enrollment contracts, packed their home, and moved to Jersey City.

Three years later, Shannon and Calvin say that they could not be happier with their decision. The school and community have exceeded their expectations. London and his younger sister, Zoe, come to school excited to learn and they’re thriving. Calvin says that the school gives them a sense of joy and the community has become an extended family.

Shannon adds that the global perspective of the school has been important to their family. “I’m an English-as-a-Second-Language teacher for students from all over the world. We speak Mandarin in our home and remain close to Calvin’s family in Malaysia. We want our children to have a heart for the world. To see the big issues and know that they can do something about them.”

“Your investment is money well spent. You give opportunity for families to be part of this incredible school community and allow children to grow in all areas. Our deepest thanks!”

—Calvin and Shannon Cassadayho


Abby Liu

ABBY LIU, Director of Marketing and Communications

Ms. Liu loves to tell the Mustard Seed story. She’s the parent of a current MSS student and a recent alum.