MSS receives accreditation by unanimous vote

When I accepted the Head of School position at Mustard Seed School five years ago, the Board of Trustees issued a challenge: lead the school through the rigorous process of accreditation.

I am pleased to announce that, through the efforts of the entire faculty and staff and MSS Board of Trustees, we have now achieved that goal! Yesterday I received word that MSS received unanimous approval for accreditation by the New Jersey Association of Independent Schools (NJAIS) Board of Trustees.

In remarks following a site visit in November, the visiting NJAIS team commented, “Wherever we looked, and we looked almost everywhere, we observed teaching characterized by intentionality, interaction, and engagement. We saw teachers who were calm and focused, relating to students in a respectful and considered manner, guiding, supporting, and encouraging at every turn.”

The goals of accreditation are critical self-reflection and school improvement. It takes well over a year to complete the self-study process once it begins in earnest. But it can take years to lay the foundation for the study. Accreditation involves dedicated work by the entire faculty and staff to evaluate the school using a set of standards in 10 different areas of school life, including program, academic/integrated technology, personnel, and school finance.

One outcome of the accreditation process is an NJAIS report of commendations and recommendations for the school. Accreditation is about continual school improvement. Moving forward, the report of the visiting accreditation team will inform Mustard Seed’s strategic goals.

This is a very proud day for Mustard Seed, and NJAIS has affirmed the quality of the work that we do here every day to educate our students.

I am grateful for your support in this endeavor.

(And if you would like to know more about the accreditation process, I wrote a blog about it back in October.)

Here is a press release announcing our new accreditation status.

Thomas Postema

THOMAS S. POSTEMA, Head of School

Mr. Postema has been the head of MSS since July 2011. He has over 30 years of experience in education and has been a MSS parent, an Advisory Council member, and donor to the school.