Merry Match 2016: It’s coming! December 6, 7, and 8



Hi! I’m Flat Postema and I’m here to tell you about a great opportunity to support Mustard Seed School’s students. The Board of Trustees has issued a $50,000 matching gift challenge. A Merry Match! For three days only, December 6, 7, and 8, every gift to the Mustard Seed Fund will multiply.  During the Merry Match, you will hear from me as I journey through Mustard Seed School and spread the Merry Match cheer.

Will you join me and make a Merry Match?


Here’s how Merry Match works:

  • Support MSS students by making a donation to the Mustard Seed Fund on December 6, 7, or 8.
  • Gifts between $1-$99 will be matched with $100 from the Board of Trustees. If you give $20, the school will receive $120!
  • Gifts above $100 will be matched dollar for dollar: your $500 gift becomes $1,000!
  • Every household is eligible for one Merry Match.
  • Everyone is welcome to participate. Spread the word!

But, Flat postema, what about student participation?!

Don’t worry! During the Merry Match, classrooms participate in Merry Match Jr.  Students are encouraged to contribute money that they have earned or a prayer for the community to their class Merry Match Jr. collection. Baskets for Merry Match Jr. are located in the student’s classroom during Merry Match. At the end of the Merry Match Jr., the sum of the class collection will be matched using the Merry Match guidelines.

  • A class gift of $1-$99 will be matched with $100.
  • Class gifts over $100 will be matched dollar for dollar.
  • In addition, classes with 100% class participation will receive a bonus match of $100.

A merry review: Merry Match 2015 results

During last year’s Merry Match, parents, students, alumni, staff, and friends came together with such generosity that we used up the Board of Trustees total match of $100,000. Together, you raised a total of $208,660 for our students during Merry Match last year!  

How was participation?

  • 100% of staff participated in Merry Match
  • 76% of families participated in Merry Match
  • 100% of students participated in Merry Match Jr.

Mustard Seed families even met the Postema Challenge of 50% participation by the second night. As a result, the Postema family donated new water fountains with water bottle filling stations on the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th floors.

You can see by our joyful participation in Merry Match that we are committed to our students, our school, and our mission. Join us and give the gift of education. Make a Merry Match and make a foundational difference in the lives of our students.

Thank you!


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