What better way to celebrate summer than with good books?

One of the best ways to prepare for the upcoming school year is to read. Teachers have put together lists of engaging books that connect thematically with the curriculum.  Whether you are a parent reading aloud to your child or a student reading to yourself, we hope that you enjoy many of the books on these lists.

reading requirements

  • Students entering Kindergarten and first grade do not have any specific requirements except to read/be read to.
  • Students entering second and third grades have a required read and must also read three  additional books off of the list. See the reading list for more information.
  • Students entering grades four through eight must read the required book and three (or more!) additional books of their choosing off the list. They must also write reviews and email them to their teachers. See the reading list for more information.

The lists (in .pdf format):
Updated June 2017

Preschool summer reading and learning ideas

Kindergarten summer reading

First grade summer reading

Second/third grade summer reading

Fourth/fifth grade summer reading

Sixth, seventh, and eighth grade summer reading

Parent summer reading ideas