Where’s the library? New cloud-based database puts resources at student fingertips

What do children need to support their ideas with research? A library, of course. The Mustard Seed School library looks a little different than you might expect.  Over the past few years, we’ve developed an innovative and flexible 21st Century library. The one-to-one laptop program in the Middle School has put online resources at students’ fingertips. Several years […]

Advice, Hopes, and Dreams from the GRANDPARENTS of Mustard Seed

When our three children left for school each day, we sent them off with these words: “Have a wonderful day… and be friendly, helpful, and cooperative!” And now we offer this very same advice to our grandchildren: “Be friendly, helpful, cooperative!”  These words are advice, but they also express a hope and dream. Aspirational words, […]

What teachers wish parents knew at the beginning of the year…

When my boys first started at MSS, I was very new to being a parent of a school-aged child. I didn’t know what I didn’t know. It was incredibly helpful (and maybe the slightest bit embarrassing) to learn that I should NOT whisper pick up plans to the teacher in passing at the classroom door. […]

Video: Where do Mustard Seed students go to high school? Featuring the class of 2017!

If you’re not from the Greater New York area, you may not know how complicated it can be to apply to high school. High schools here include some of the best public and private schools in the country and applying to these schools requires applications, recommendations, interviews, a myriad of standardized tests, and an elaborate […]

Eighth grade profile: Liam

For Liam, the best part of wrestling with a math problem isn’t that it involves logic, although he loves the fact that math is logical. It’s that moment when it all comes together and the answer hits him. What’s the longest time that Liam has puzzled over a math problem?  A month. It delighted him […]

Eighth grade profile: Radha

Radha describes her younger self as shy and unable to sing. Her Mustard Seed journey has been one of discovering her voice. Over the years her music teachers have not only taught her how to sing, but they’ve also instilled a sense of confidence. Radha’s grown so much that she’s now a soloist! Radha credits […]

Flat Postema Gives a Brief History of the Merry Match

  Dear Friends, It’s almost Merry Match time again! This year, the Merry Match is on December 6th, 7th, and 8th. Are you new to Merry Match? Or a veteran of the seven-year history of this challenge? Here is a quick review of the Merry Match for all of us: Support MSS students by making […]

Getting to know you…getting to know us. The admissions process.

Come meet some of our students and see the school in action. Intentional: it’s a word we use a lot at Mustard Seed. We’re intentional about how we create classroom communities, about the way we walk up the stairs in the morning, about the way we build safe, strong, beautiful block structures, about the way […]

New worship experiences to bring holy disruption to Middle School students

During the MSS staff retreat in late August, speaker Mark Charles told a story. A member of the Navajo tribe and a pastor at the time, he attended a conference about contextualized Christian worship in indigenous cultures. At the conference, a group of native Māori who are Christians danced the haka, a traditional war dance, […]

New professional development chair brings neurodevelopment science into the classroom

Thanks to funding from the Agnes and Peter Steenland Memorial Chair for Professional Development, MSS teachers are learning about neurodevelopment: how the brain builds pathways for memory, attention, and language. How will this influence teaching? Say a fourth grade student (we’ll call him Joe) has difficulty storing and retrieving information in his brain (a weak […]