Ligia Arias and Diego Alcazar, Parents ’19: why we give

by Ligia Arias and Diego Alcazar, parents ’19 We give to the Mustard Seed Fund because in our own lives, education has been such a powerful and positive influence. There’s nothing more important that we can give to our kids. We want other children and their families to benefit from a Mustard Seed education as […]

Share your voice for a new strategic plan

After 12 years working at Mustard Seed, I didn’t expect to find myself crying in The Nest. But there I was, singing Happy Birthday, along with many of you. Only this time, it was my son receiving the birthday book. Twelve years ago, I couldn’t possibly have imagined this moment: the blessing of our community […]

Advice, Hopes, and Dreams from the GRANDPARENTS of Mustard Seed

When our three children left for school each day, we sent them off with these words: “Have a wonderful day… and be friendly, helpful, and cooperative!” And now we offer this very same advice to our grandchildren: “Be friendly, helpful, cooperative!”  These words are advice, but they also express a hope and dream. Aspirational words, […]

What PARENTS wish teachers knew at the beginning of the year

Note: This blog is a follow-up to What teachers wish parents knew at the beginning of the year. Well, teachers, this blog is for you!  I’m going to put on my parent hat and join the many parents who wrote to tell me what they wish you knew at the beginning of the year. Here […]

What you give: 2017 Annual Partnership Report now available

You and I know that the world’s increasingly complex. No longer is it enough to be academically strong. Students must know how to collaborate. Think creatively. Understand technology.  Implement the engineering design process. Engage with a world that changes moment-by-moment. Our students are learning in a world that’s very different from the one that many […]

Tell us: what do you LOVE about Mustard Seed School?

Come to a strategic planning retreat on September 23, 2017 I love a plan. I love the process of planning. The time I take to step back from day-to-day work to look around, breathe, and wonder what might come next. I enjoy envisioning a future goal. Considering implications and alternatives. Chunking out the work and […]

What teachers wish parents knew at the beginning of the year…

When my boys first started at MSS, I was very new to being a parent of a school-aged child. I didn’t know what I didn’t know. It was incredibly helpful (and maybe the slightest bit embarrassing) to learn that I should NOT whisper pick up plans to the teacher in passing at the classroom door. […]

Big mess. Big pay off. Summer work at MSS.

You might think that the school building is quiet over the summer–and you’d be wrong! Administrative staff remain on site throughout the summer to plan and prepare for the fall. If you’re a current parent, then you’ve already received the summer mailing and information on how to fill out forms for your student in the […]

“We give because…” Scott and Stephanie Rostan, parents ’19 and ’23

In our own lives, there is no question that education has had a significant and positive impact on the opportunities available to us.  We have also both benefitted personally from attending schools that are well-funded by donors who believe in providing those opportunities to future generations.  These are just a few of the reasons we […]

Ms. Miller retires after 25 years of serving MSS students

Jodi Miller joined the faculty 25 years ago as the second grade teacher. Since then, she’s been an important part of school life. She’s taken on a myriad of roles: drama teacher. Resource Room Coordinator. Tutor. And parent. She’s ensured that students who have needed extra help have received it. Forged a strong relationship between […]