The Nest at Mustard Seed
(Three and Four Year Olds)

Clara Buckley
Lead Teacher, Rocks Class
Manchester Metropolitan University;  University of London

Sarah Chalmers
Drama Teacher; Assistant Teacher, Sky Class
Eastern Michigan University

Nathan Johnson
Lead Teacher, Trees Class
Lenoir-Rhyne University

Kristen Jordan
Lead Teacher, Sky Class
Harvard College; Teachers College at Columbia University

Amy Kadota
Assistant Teacher, Trees Class
Yale University; Teachers College, Columbia University

Kim Knoester
Assistant Teacher, Rock/Rivers Class
Calvin College

Cinthia Santos
Assistant Teacher Rocks/Rivers Class

Emily Sytsma
Lead Teacher, Rivers Class
Syracuse University

Lower School Faculty (K-3)

Nancy Aberg
Assistant Teacher
, First Grade
University of California Santa Barbara

Becca Brasser
Co-Lead Teacher, First Grade; First Grade Team Leader
Calvin College; New Jersey City University

Dorota Chester
Assistant Teacher, First Grade
University of Warsaw

Gabriel Cuervo
Assistant Teacher, Kindergarten

Amy de Jong
Lead Teacher, Second/Third Grade
Calvin College

Sherylene Diaz
Assistant Teacher, Second/Third Grade
Rutgers University

Hannah Fain
Co-Lead TeacherKindergarten
University of Mobile

Emma Healey
Lead Teacher, First Grade
SUNY at Brockport; CUNY

Britta Johnson
Lead Teacher, Kindergarten
University of Idaho

Kim Knoester
Co-Lead Teacher, First Grade
Calvin College

Cindy Kuperus
Lead Teacher Second/Third Grade; Second/Third Grade Team Leader
Calvin College;  Michigan State University

Sam Martino
Assistant Teacher, Second/Third Grade
Fordham University

Zachary Nordling
Lead Teacher Second/Third Grade
Calvin College

Jen Paffenroth
Lead Teacher, Second/Third Grade
Covenant College

Cinthia Santos
Assistant Teacher Kindergarten

Leonor Silva
Co-Lead, Kindergarten
Escola Superior de Educação Paula Frassinetti; Northwestern University, Evanston, IL

Zandi Sutton
Assistant Teacher, Second/Third Grade
Durban University of Technology

Heather Welesko
Assistant Teacher, Second/Third Grade
Shippensburg University; School of the Art Institute of Chicago

Middle School Faculty (4-8)

Sam Choi
Science, History, and Ethics, Sixth to Eighth Grades
University of California

Elizabeth Decker
Language Arts, Seventh and Eighth Grades
Calvin College

Sherylene Diaz
Assistant Teacher, Fourth/Fifth Grade
Rutgers University

Melissa McCallihan
Lead Teacher, Fourth/Fifth Grade
University of Arizona; University of Idaho

Elizabeth Emma Rachuri
Lead Teacher, Fourth/Fifth Grade; Instructional Support
Pace University; Pace University

Rachel Kuder Thompson
Sixth and Seventh Grade Literature, Language Arts
Wheaton College

Academic Specialists

Dana Baker
Learning Specialist Grades Nest to Grade 5; Agnes and Peter Steenland Memorial Chair for Professional Development
Calvin College; Bank Street College

Clara Buckley
Upper School Art; STEAM
Manchester Metropolitan University;  University of London

Nathan Johnson
Early Childhood Art
Lenoir-Rhyne University

Gary Lawrence
Coleman Fung Chair for Mathematics; Teacher of Pre-Algebra and Algebra
Brown University

Zachary Licato
Physical Education and Health Teacher
William Paterson University

Joan Isaacs Litman
University of Georgia; Capital University; Kodály Center of America

Aiko Mauldin
Coleman Fung Chair for Music;  Director of Songsters, Choristers and Music Educator for Grades K-5
Manhattan School of Music;  San Francisco Conservatory of Music; New York University

Jodi Miller
Student Support Services, Grades Kindergarten through Eight
Daemen College; City University of New York-Hunter College

Zachary Nordling
Lower School Art; Shared Space Coordinator
Calvin College

Tania Oro-Hahn
Spanish, Grades Kindergarten through Eighth
Rutgers University; New Jersey City University

Jessica Smith
Music Teacher, Grades 6-8; Worship Coordinator
University of Houston; University of Missouri-Kansas City; Ithaca College

Administrative Staff

Thomas Postema
Head of School
Calvin College; Columbia University

Reynaldo Barrera
Facilities Manager

Abigail Hall Choi
Middle School Assistant Director
Covenant College; Teachers College, Columbia University

Andrew Decker
Development Associate
Calvin College

Ellen Francois
Director of Development
SUNY at Oswego; Franciscan School of Theology

Lisa Galarza
Middle School Director
Florida Atlantic University; Walden University

Jennifer Gautier
Office Manager
Montclair State College; New York University

Gary Lawrence
Director of Finance and Operations
Brown University

Abigail Liu
Associate Director of Communications
Middlebury College

Nancy Michael
Administrative Associate
University of Wisconsin-Madison; University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

Gloria Miltner
School Secretary

Sebastian Olukun
Business Administrator
Rutgers University; Full Sail University

Shanna Pargellis
Lower School Director (preK-Third Grade)
Calvin College; Bank Street College

Michele Boerman Postema
Director of Admissions and Community Relations
Calvin College 

Emily Sytsma
Lower School Assistant Director; Coleman Fung Chair for Creativity and Design
Syracuse University; Webster University

Support & Enrichment Staff

Betty Ciarlo

After School Staff

Sarah Chalmers

Andi Gunden

Tony Huang

Sylvia Jin-Ok Lee

Aiko Mauldin
Director of the PROS (Percussion, Recorder, Orff, Servants)

Phil Newman