“We give because…” Scott and Stephanie Rostan, parents ’19 and ’23

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In our own lives, there is no question that education has had a significant and positive impact on the opportunities available to us.  We have also both benefitted personally from attending schools that are well-funded by donors who believe in providing those opportunities to future generations.  These are just a few of the reasons we believe so strongly that high quality education should be equally available to all children.

We also believe, and studies support, that educating children in a diverse environment in every sense—racially, culturally and socio-economically—is a key to future success and happiness in the diverse and interconnected world we all live in.

We give to MSS to bring these potentially life-changing educational opportunities to students of varying financial means, and to ensure that our own children benefit from learning in a diverse environment.  MSS’s intentional focus on creating a community of students from many backgrounds truly benefits everyone, both now and as they grow to adulthood.

We are proud to give to MSS to help make this happen.

Stephanie and Scott Rostan are Mustard Seed School parents. Scott is the outgoing president of the Board of Trustees.

We’re so grateful to Scott and Stephanie and the many supporters who stand behind our mission to educate students of all backgrounds. We can’t do it without you!

Thomas Postema

THOMAS S. POSTEMA, Head of School

Mr. Postema has been the head of MSS since July 2011. He has over 30 years of experience in education and has been a MSS parent, an Advisory Council member, and donor to the school.