Ms. Miller retires after 25 years of serving MSS students

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Jodi Miller joined the faculty 25 years ago as the second grade teacher. Since then, she’s been an important part of school life.

She’s taken on a myriad of roles: drama teacher. Resource Room Coordinator. Tutor. And parent. She’s ensured that students who have needed extra help have received it. Forged a strong relationship between Mustard Seed and the state agencies that provide academic support for students who qualify for student services.

What has kept her here so long? Ms. Miller speaks to how we, as a school community, view struggle. She believes that students (and adults!) learn more from  mistakes than from successes. “I would like people to know that MSS is a place that actually values struggle, even provokes it!” she says.

And, she believes that the faculty and staff at MSS are exceptional. Here she works alongside teachers who are themselves constantly learning and growing. Current with the educational research and exciting pedagogy. Teaching an evolving curriculum filled with arts. Academics. And faith.

Above all, Ms. Miller’s passionate about the mission of Mustard Seed School. Her heart is with those who are underserved. She lives out her own deeply-rooted faith in Christ by serving others–especially those who struggle in any way.

It’s impossible to quantify Ms. Miller’s impact and the difference that she’s made in the lives of Mustard Seed students.  But Eliazar Hernandez, ’09 gives us a glimpse. He writes:

In the Resource Room, I learned far more than [Ms. Miller] aimed to teach. I learned compassion for others. Appreciation of all forms of art. The value of literacy and literature.

You taught me to write essays, honed my gift for poetry, and what you couldn’t teach me, you showed me: self-love, acceptance, determination, and passion.

You taught me so much more than just how to read. You taught me to trust, to feel, to hope. I am so grateful, humbled, and honored to have been your student.

We echo Eliazar’s gratitude. And we expect to see Ms. Miller at school from time to time. In the meantime, she plans to be available as a private tutor for students of all ages. (Reach out to her at

Ms. Miller, thank you for sharing learning and love!

Ms. Miller at Commencement receiving a bird as she "flies away" to retirement.

Ms. Miller at Commencement receiving a bird as she “flies away” to retirement

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A photo from the archives! Ms. Miller’s on the far left. See anyone else you recognize?

Abby Liu

ABBY LIU, Associate Director of Communications

Ms. Liu is a writer for the development office and manages the school’s digital and print media. She’s the parent of a current MSS student and a recent alum.