Flat Postema Gives a Brief History of the Merry Match



Dear Friends,

It’s almost Merry Match time again! This year, the Merry Match is on December 6th, 7th, and 8th. Are you new to Merry Match? Or a veteran of the seven-year history of this challenge? Here is a quick review of the Merry Match for all of us:

  • Support MSS students by making a donation to the Mustard Seed Fund on December 6, 7, or 8.
  • Gifts between $1-$99 will be matched with $100 from the Board of Trustees. If you give $20, the school will receive $120!
  • Gifts above $100 will be matched dollar for dollar: your $500 gift becomes $1,000!
  • Every household is eligible for one Merry Match.
  • Everyone is welcome to participate. Spread the word!


Now, for that history lesson:

The Merry Match began in 2009, when the Mustard Seed School Board of Trustees issued this matching gift challenge for the entire school community. In 2009, 68% of families participated in Merry Match. A total of $40,140 was donated by families, friends, alumni, and staff.

From these humble beginnings, the Board of Trustees has continued to issue the Merry Match challenge every year at the beginning of December. Friends from the world over, school families, alumni, and staff come together at this time to celebrate our community and raise money for the Mustard Seed Fund.

So, how have we grown since 2009? Well we’ve added a few exciting things–like me, Flat Postema!– and Merry Match Jr. for the students. But, what was true in 2009 is still true today. EVERY GIFT MATTERS! Every gift will be matched. Everyone has a meaningful gift to offer.

Last year, 100% of staff participated, 76% of families participated, and 100% of students participated in Merry Match Jr. In total, we raised $208,660!  Now that’s progress!

You can see by our joyful participation in Merry Match that Mustard Seed staff are committed to our students, our school, and our mission. Join us and give the gift of education. Make a Merry Match and make a foundational difference in the lives of our students!


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Flat Postema, Flat Head of School

Flat Postema

FLAT POSTEMA, Flat Head of School

Flat Postema serves as the Flat Head of School during the months of November and December when he spreads the Merry Match message.  He loves traveling and multiplication.